TVmap Visual Optimiser Overview

"We played with Reach and Frequency for years, thinking about how to build better schedules. Our patented Visual Optimiser dynamically displays the best spots to improve the cost effectiveness of your R&F based schedule."

Reach and Frequency Visual Optimiser
  • Gains of up to 33% over traditional methods
  • Quickly review poor performing spots
  • Recommends the optimum break for best results
The Visual Optimiser is simply the best real world solution for building cost effective R&F schedules.Using the Visual Optimiser, the schedule builds logically and quickly towards the best result and you retain complete control over the spot selection. The Visual Optimiser comes into its own when working with limited availabilities and broadcaster sourced ‘alternatives’ as it will graphically show the value of these in the context of your specific schedule.
The dynamic colour display presents spots in an easy to understand format.The Visual Optimiser takes a complex, data rich situation and converts it into a moving and colourful map which is simple to understand and act upon. The Visual Optimiser makes better buying a simple and obvious choice, enhancing your media trading skills.
Automatically recommends the optimum break for best results.TVmap is always working behind the scenes to improve the percentages for your clients. One of these ways is by analysing the recent history of each programme’s time slot and automatically recommending the best break based on this history.
Quickly highlight and review poor performing spots.The Visual Optimiser works in reverse as well. Import a schedule booked by another system and it will bring the schedule to life with the dynamic graphics highlighting poor performing spots which are recommended for rejection.
Complete Reach and Frequency optimisation including Reach Curves.Reach Curves take R&F analysis to a new level by showing the natural delivery achieved by various combinations of channels and time zones for any demographic. With this powerful TVmap in Excel template you enter your details and have TVmap run hundreds of schedules in seconds showing the TARPs or budget required to reach your goals.
Patented technology.Patents relating to our products include the following:
Patents: NZ 527578; AU 2004203850; US 7,953,637