TVmap in Excel Overview

"I had one of those inspirational ‘Aha’ moments, imagining how to turbocharge the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel* with the awesome power of TVmap’s database." 

TVMap in Excel
  • Highly complex analytics made easy
  • Automate to save time and money
  • Exclusive features offer unsurpassed power
No other software offers this much flexibility, responsiveness and power.TVmap in Excel provides the easiest way to explore trends and information in a familiar environment. For everyday users, the power and flexibility provides an unequalled way to analyse and present your information. For high end users, the only limit is your imagination – there have been entire trading and analysis systems built around TVmap in Excel which provide a unique and cost effective customisation for cutting edge media innovators.
The only software that supercharges your existing spreadsheets with live data links.TVmap in Excel takes existing, manual spreadsheets and brings them to life dynamically by adding hot spots and live links. For example, imagine how much time you can save if you add a drop down list of demographics to your CPM calculator and have the entire matrix recalculate in a couple of seconds every time you choose a new demographic.
TVmap’s ratings forecasts are typically 24 to 35% more accurate.TVmap uses the full power of the ratings statistical database to produce seasonally adjusted rating forecasts. Far more powerful than using 'same time last year', this automatically takes recent programming, daylight saving and other seasonal factors into account. The same logic that drives the Buying Module is available within Excel, giving many further possibilities for effortlessly forecasting what is likely to happen.
Infinitely customisable - build your own reports or use our templates.TVmap comes with a set of useful templates covering Cumulative Audience, Daily Programmes, Post Analysis, Programme Schedules, Ratecard Analysis, Time Spent Viewing, Top Programmes, CPTs, Weekly Trends, Zone Analysis, Reach and Frequency and Reach Curves – each one giving a particular insight into the television trading environment. These can be simply adapted to help with your own innovations and insights into the world of media trading.
Automate your regular tasks to save hours of time.Once your reports and analyses have been set up in TVmap in Excel, updating them with new information can be as easy as changing the date in a spreadsheet cell. Many of our leading clients have even bypassed this step and get their complete reports generated automatically every day for distribution within their organisation.
Save time and money by doing it your way.Experience has shown tasks that could take hours or even days to perform can be done in a few seconds with well set up TVmap in Excel spreadsheets. Imagine adding this much power to your existing ability to innovate and trade in this competitive environment.

* Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.