TVmap Schedule Optimiser Overview

"Channel fragmentation has increased workloads exponentially, so we designed an empowering system to enhance both your quality and ease of buying."

Schedule Optimizer
  • Automated spot buying decisions
  • Copy and paste objectives
  • Flexible and simple interface
Automation of spot buying decisions.TVmap’s Schedule Optimiser does the grunt work in choosing individual spots. It produces as many candidate schedules as you want and lets you choose and compare the schedule that best suits your client’s needs.
A flexible and simple to use interface.With our new interface you drag and drop the required metrics for each buy as you need them. This keeps screen clutter to a minimum and ensures you focus on exactly what is required for each job and nothing more.
Save time - save the brief.Each customer’s requirements are unique with timezone ratios, channel splits and more. These briefs can now be easily saved and retrieved, which saves you time on every customer.
Copy and paste objectives from Microsoft Office documents.TVmap allows you to shape the inputs to look like the brief using drag and drop, and you can simply copy and paste objectives in from the brief – it works like magic!
Compare and refine the results.The Schedule Optimiser works with you to enhance your buying decisions. Building on manually selected spots, you can zoom in on the candidate schedules you like and fine tune them with the Visual Optimiser to maximize your R&F.
Fully integrated within New Zealand’s favourite TV buying environment.All of the Schedule Optimiser's additional functionality is fully integrated as part of the TVmap Buying Module, already New Zealand's favourite TV buying tool. By enhancing this already feature-rich optimiser, you're further empowered to do even more in less time.