TVmap Programme Search Overview

  "One of my frustrations as a TV Research Manager was the time it took to get details of previously screened programmes. This module gives you all the info you need with a click of your mouse!"

Programme Search Module
  • Understand the TV rating environment
  • Rapid 'one click' access to the information
  • Easy 'one click' output to spreadsheet
So quick to learn and easy to use that you’ll be productive within just fifteen minutes!This has to be the simplest TVmap module to use. See how many episodes have screened and then double click to look at the performance of each episode.
Easy search function to help you dive into programme details fast.It’s as simple as typing part of the programme name and then just clicking to zoom in for more details.
Supports creative and sponsorship decisions based on movies, characters, themes and programmes.Help your creative colleagues by showing them which consumers are hooked into a programme, movie or lead actor.
Zoom in for quarter hour ratings, lead in, lead out and competing programmes. TVmap’s familiar quarter hour view shows the full day’s ratings by quarter hour, programme names, rates and competing programmes – all accessed by clicking on a single episode.
One click gives you the demographic profile - create an audience profile of one or more programmes.Profile the demographic preferences for each programme to see who it really appeals to.