TVmap Pre/Post Analysis Module Overview

"Our customers needed a faster way to track their campaigns, so we developed an automated solution, adding a complete post analysis system that audits actual spot airing as well."

Pre / Post Analysis Module
  • Automatically updates rating estimates
  • Two way link with Pegasus or Holdings module
  • Post reconciliation ensures spots aired correctly
Extract current spot list records from the agency billing system or broadcaster traffic system, and automatically update rating estimates.TVmap pulls down the latest view of your television holdings, updates the ratings estimates, compares with the previous set of rating estimates and highlights by movement and cost efficiency. It’s a really powerful and quick system for keeping your campaigns on track.
Integrates with many different legacy systems for both agencies and broadcasters. Two way link with Pegasus or TVmap's Holdings module.The flexibility is what makes this a universally available module. So far we have hooked up with four agency systems, three traffic systems and even developed our own holdings system for agencies that don’t have their own. With many of these systems we have a two way link that allows rating estimates to be updated at the click of a button.
TVmap's Holdings module allows agencies to capture and store electronic holdings from broadcasters to facilitate rapid pre and post analysis.Save time and money with rapid electronic synchronisation, and no more re-keying spots into your system.
Post reconciliation ensures your spots aired correctly.The TVmap spot matching system compares the spots in your billing or traffic system with what actually went to air. Automatically update actual spot times; identify moved or deleted spots; display and automatically load free filler spots all in one simple interface.
Integrates R&F analysis and seasonally adjusted forecasts.Reach and Frequency is displayed on the fly and TVmap uses the full power of the ratings statistical database to produce seasonally adjusted rating forecasts. Far more powerful than using 'same time last year', this automatically takes recent programming, daylight saving and other seasonal factors into account.
Automated functions streamline your workflow.Ratings updates, zoom in on programme history, see competing programmes, lead in, lead out – everything is there to help you make better trading decisions.