TVmap Competitive Expenditure Module Overview

"Competitive Expenditure was always the bane of the media buyer, taking days to update each month. Our latest version of Compets is the best yet, delivering flexibility, ease of use and pure power."

Competitive Expenditure Module
  • Get presentation quality outputs with one click
  • Quick drill-down for in-depth analysis
  • Infinitely customisable reports and templates
Click one button to update with the latest data.Imagine updating your competitive expenditure reports by clicking one button and having full client presentation quality reports, including graphs and logos, ready to go to your client in minutes.
Infinitely customisable - build your own reports or use our templates.More TVmap in Excel* magic! There’s no limit to the ways in which you can present the data, and once it’s done it remembers for next time. Slice and dice in a particular way, add in logos and graphics and next month’s data update is still only one click away.
Spot insertion level details available for TV, press and magazines.Zoom in on individual spots and insertions or zoom out to see total media spend by month. This power is available by a simple double click or by dragging a cell onto a table.
Expenditure level details available for radio, cinema, outdoor, internet and mail.Get the big picture about how your clients and their competitors are advertising across all monitored media.

* Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.