TVmap TV Buying Module Overview

"Ten years of buying television taught me to fear daylight saving! I designed TVmap to remove the volatility of seasonal ratings, reducing rework and nasty surprises."

Buying Module
  • More accurate ratings forecasts
  • Save time and money
  • Integrated avails & electronic booking
TVmap’s ratings forecasts are typically 24 to 35% more accurate.TVmap uses the full power of the ratings statistical database to produce seasonally adjusted rating forecasts. Far more powerful than using 'same time last year', this method automatically takes recent programming, daylight saving and other seasonal factors into account.
Improve cost efficiency and reduce rework.While other software facilitates workflow, only TVmap adds so much more to improving bottom line results for clients. Based on our personal experience in media trading, TVmap has been specifically designed to improve the cost efficiency you provide to your customers.
Save time and money using electronic booking.Once your booking is done, just push a button and your booking is sent electronically to the broadcasters. It’s the way to jump the queue and get ahead of the agencies doing manual bookings for inventory opening periods. Spots go straight into the traffic systems so there’s no mistakes or time lost in manual re-keying.
The only way to build an optimum reach and frequency based schedule at the best price.The Visual Optimiser is the best real world solution for building cost effective reach and frequency schedules. Using this module, the schedule builds logically and quickly towards the best result and you retain complete control over the spot selection. The Visual Optimiser comes into its own when working with limited availabilities and broadcaster sourced ‘alternatives’ as it will graphically show the value of these in the context of your specific schedule.
Running frequency distribution display.As you build your schedule, TVmap keeps a running total of the Reach and Frequency by displaying the bottom line changing as each spot is booked. This allows you to run the R&F in a single period, or what we find really handy is to see the average result of several R&F runs for different date ranges.
Recent history displays programme names and a graph of performance.TVmap is geared to give you as much or as little information as you need to make better trading decisions. By showing this recent history you can see if the programme is trending up or down and if there has been any exception programming which distorts the forecast – allowing you to make a simple override of the estimated programme rating.
Zoom in on future and historic programmes to see lead-in, lead-out and competing programmes, along with ratings and rates.This is where TVmap gives further information on recent history – a single click on a programme zooms into that history in detail. You can see a full daily analysis with competing programmes, rates and ratings by quarter hour with the original programme you’re interested in highlighted for easy reference. This shows if any special sporting or news events have taken audience from a single episode of a series.
Additional features
  • Automatically forecast ratings based on historic trends
  • Use any amount of historic data
  • Buy against multiple demographics
  • Client discounts are stored
  • Electronic Booking (TVNZ/MediaWorks)
  • Forecasting performed off programme times and not timeslots
  • Running totals display
  • Three different views - List, Schedule & Visual Optimiser
  • Integrated reach and frequency (R&F) analysis
  • R&F analysis averages multiple weeks

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