The TVmap Suite:
Revolutionary TV trading software that delivers the most flexible combination of speed, power and ease of use ever seen.

Five things you need to know about TVmap’s revolutionary software for TV trading, analysis and reporting.


TVmap delivers more accurate TV ratings forecasts than traditional methods.

TVmap uses the full power of the ratings statistical database to produce seasonally adjusted rating forecasts. Far more powerful than simply using “same time last year”, this automatically takes recent programming, daylight savings and other seasonal factors into account. 24 to 35% more accurate forecasts are proven.


TVmap makes you more productive by rapidly automating your workflow.

TVmap lets you do things that were previously impractical or impossible, and makes them quick and easy. You can put your energy into being creative with your work rather than struggling with your software.


TVmap is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use, making the complex simple.

Because this software was created by TV buyers for TV buyers, we know how to deliver the most straightforward, intuitive approach for users. TVmap dramatically streamlines the learning curve so 99% of users are more productive in their daily work after less than an hour of training.


We’ve revolutionised spot selection and campaign optimisation with our patented Visual Optimiser.

There is no better way to craft a cost effective Reach and Frequency schedule than by using the TVmap Visual Optimiser. It's also the only way we know of to critically assess existing or competing schedules for poor performing spots.


TVmap is the industry standard.

TVmap (Television Media Analysis Programme) is firmly established as the preferred industry standard by agencies and broadcasters throughout New Zealand.

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