Some frequently asked support questions

1. Pre-Analysis: billing regions alert message

When running the Pre-Analysis module, you might see a warning message that looks something like this:

This message appears when TVmap is pulling spots from your billing system but doesn’t know which channel(s) this region belongs to. These spots will only appear in your Pre-Analysis session once we have mapped the code(s) to a valid channel.

If you email us with the screenshot and/or the code that needs to be mapped, along with the channel, we can set this up for you so you can see these spots.

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any ratings or cost information!

2. Demographics

All demographics are not created equally so if there is a particular demographic you require or are just after particular demographic attributes, flick us an email at and we will create this for you and check the sample size.

If you need to contact us regarding either of the above questions, please don’t hesitate. If you have any other questions or need assistance with TVmap, we are easily contactable. Don’t forget, it's free!

Rachel Kreegher
+64 9 304 0762 (select option 1 for Support)