How to improve your ratings forecast accuracy by as much as 35%

Hi, Stuart here,

From my own experience in TV Buying I know one of the most important benefits a media tool can offer is an improvement of ratings forecasts. This provides real returns to you and your customers by improving cost efficiency and reducing rework in maintaining campaigns.

The TVmap team works hard to improve the percentage gains you get from using our software, and to test it we’ve undertaken a particularly intensive study into our forecasting. By collaborating with real-life customers and experimenting with alternative methodologies we came up with a number of hypothetical ways our forecasting could be improved and set about measuring them.
The methodologies which were compared were:

· Using ratings from Same Time Last Year (STLY) without further modification
· Using recent ratings without adjustment
· Using the existing TVmap forecasts

We also tried modifying the existing TVmap forecasts in three different ways:

· Weighting recent years more heavily
· Calculating seasonal forecast based on individual days of the week instead of averaging weeks
· Using a seasonal forecast which places more emphasis on channel share.
I have to say, the results were astonishing and we look forward to sharing them with you! I’ll be publishing more on this ground-breaking work, so stay tuned.

If you can’t wait, please contact us for more information.