5 Best Practices for More Effective TV Planning and Buying

How to achieve the very best results in an increasingly complex TV buying environment.
Television advertising has become more complex than ever, and if you don't have the most effective tools at your fingertips, you may struggle to deliver the very best performances for your clients.

Disney Plus streaming service to arrive in NZ before Christmas

Analysts from TVmap summarise the latest streaming service news
The battle for consumer attention just grew more intense here in New Zealand, with the announcement that new video streaming service Disney Plus will launch in New Zealand and Australia on November 19 this year, a week after the service's launch in North America. Analysts from TVmap summarise the latest news:

Client Survey 2017 results and voucher winners

TVmap customer satisfaction high in all key areas of business.
Each year, we ask our clients to spend a couple of minutes telling us how they think we are doing – and whether we are living up to expectations.

2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey results and winners

The results of our 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey are in and Business Development Manager Steve Sharp has done the analysis. In this post he reports back on the survey results, shares some of your customer feedback, and talks about what is being done to continue to improve satisfaction levels.

TVmap staff donate to Auckland City Mission

As Christmas approached this year, our staff collected food donations to contribute to those in need.

Some frequently asked support questions

Pre-Analysis billing regions and setting up demographics
As you might expect, the Support team gets a range of queries about various TVmap modules. In this post we outline the solutions to a couple of common support requests.

The first 20 years of TVmap

We look back to our beginnings in 1995, and remember Windows95 and big cellphones!
As we celebrate our 20th birthday this year, it has been interesting to look back through some old material and see how we presented TVmap back in 1995. One thing's for sure, technology is moving at a rapid pace. I thought the best way to illustrate some of the important changes that TVmap has brought to the industry is to list some 'then and now' items. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

TVmap excels in ratings forecast accuracy study

The amazing results!
In my last blog post on this subject, I mentioned a very intensive study we undertook in order to test the accuracy and power of TVmap’s ratings forecasting, and outlined the methodologies which we compared. In this post we look at the amazing results.

6 hot time-saving tips for Schedule Optimiser users

Take five minutes to read this - it could save you hours of time!
The Schedule Optimiser has been designed to save you time and enhance your productivity. In this post, TVmap's Steve Sharp shares 6 quick tips that will make your life easier, introducing some handy new features that were added based on user feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Survey - iPad Mini winners announced

See who the lucky winners were!
We ran our 2014 Customer Satisfaction Surveys late last year, with the prize of an iPad Mini up for grabs for completing it...

TVmap staff support the Auckland City Mission

It's the season for giving
As you've probably noticed, it's Christmas, the season for giving, and we've certainly been feeling a bit 'Santa-like' lately.

How to differentiate new spots from existing spots in TVmap Buying

Three easy steps to sorting spots for top ups and re-buys
Our users often ask me if there is an easy way to distinguish existing spots from new bookings when they’re doing top-ups of existing buys. The good news is ‘yes, there is’ and in this post, I’ll walk you through how to do it in 3 easy steps.