Win an iPhone 6 just by using the Schedule Optimiser.

Double your chances of winning with this time-saving tip:

Now is the best time to learn to use the Schedule Optimiser, before the next ratecard release. So if you pre-build your Schedule Optimiser requests for the new quarter now, you'll get two entries - one when you build and another entry when you run it against the new ratecard.

Let Schedule Optimiser save you a heap of time when the next ratecard is released:

If you pre-build your schedules now, when the new ratecard is published, you don’t need to do any more setting up of the Schedule Optimiser. Simply re-open the earlier buy, change the weeks, hit the ‘Run’ button and then choose the best schedule in the list that pops up moments later. It's that easy, and that quick!

Plus, earn bonus entries -  here's how:

We want to hear from you about what you think of the new Schedule Optimiser - so get a bonus entry just by emailing us a with a quote about the Schedule Optimiser.

We also want you to make the most of our great support, so get you'll also get a bonus entry if you contact our Helpdesk about the Schedule Optimiser during the promotional period.

The competition closes 30 November 2014. Good luck.